Rowan Carstens – Why we founded OUTFIT NAMIBIA

Rowan CarstensI’ve always had an active life, even as a child I spent most of my time outside climbing trees, exploring the river beds and surrounding bush in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia.

I was always intrigued by the Power of the Human Body and often questioned, what the limits to the human body really were. It wasn’t until later in life, that I discovered that these limits could be pushed further and further, the harder one trained.

Having participated in Karate, Hockey, Rugby, Cricket, Indoor Football, Sailing and a number of other sporting activities, I realized that the approach to training varied and in some instances, rather drastically. Although these variations had similar, if not identical underlying principles, “Train Hard & Get Results!”.

I felt this to be true to a certain extent, but I still realized that, at least in my experience, some training regimes became rather repetitive and didn’t quite challenge the human body outside the normal motions of that given sport.

This is the basis for us developing OUTFIT NAMIBIA. Not only to enjoy training outdoors and increase one’s appreciation of nature, but to construct a training program that will improve an individual’s performance through “Functional Training”. The unlimited obstacles, which the outdoors provide, is a perfect backdrop to achieve this.



Rowan Carstens & Dunja Berger Outfit Namibia


Welcome to Outfit Namibia, Namibia’s first health & fitness brand! If you love fitness, a healthy lifestyle, understand the need to eat well, live your passion, appreciate the  outdoors & are a team player, then Outfit Namibia is for you!


Outfit stands for “Outdoor Fitness” and we’re based in the natural paradise of Namibia!

Outfit Namibia is a proudly Namibian company that offers:

  • Outdoor Training Camps
  • Wellness Bush Retreats
  • Kids Adventure Camps
  • Cycling & Hiking Trails
  • School Camps
  • Team Building  (Sports & Outcome Based)
  • Corporate Fun Days
  • Adult & Kids Fitness Classes (Windhoek only)
  • Corporate Training Programs
  • Outfit Lifestyle Store (coming soon!)

We operate from a premises in Klein Windhoek & in locations all over Namibia.  To contact us, simply email us on


Outfit Namibia is owned and managed by Rowan Carstens & Dunja Berger. Rowan is a a talented athlete, passionate about health & fitness , whilst Dunja comes with a wealth of marketing, sales & business development expertise.


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