How to loose weight & burn fat (the healthy way)

Outfit Namibia Weightloss 101

Congratulations on taking the first step to a healthier, happier you! Admitting to yourself that you need to change is the hard part, it gets easier from here onward.

There are various weight-loss techniques on the market, however what you really need is a change in lifestyle. There’s a reason you’re unhappy with your current weight and to change this, you will need to look at the following to see the results you desire:

A.) Your diet
B.) Your exercise / physical activity levels
C.) Emotional & mental health

I’m sure you’ve heard that a healthy, balanced diet is essential to weight-loss. But what does that entail? All it means is that you need to watch what you’re eating. Your stomach is not a waste basket. You are what you eat.
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What to Eat

Focus on eating fresh vegetables, fruit and protein like eggs, chicken,       fish. The less red meat you eat, the better for weight-loss. Meat takes on average 7 days to digest in your system and most of it converts to fat. The same goes for any sugars or carbs like white bread, cakes, biscuits, rice etc., limit these and you’ll see a huge improvement in your energy levels and you’ll see and feel the results in your body.

Outfit Namibia- Model with smart waterWhat to Drink

Water is essential, you need to drinks at least 2 liters a day. This is a secret weight-loss technique that most models and athletes use. It’s so simple and yet so few people do it. The water not only hydrates you, but also flushes out toxins in your body. Often when you think you’re hungry, it’s actually just your body craving water. Do not drink alcohol during your weight-loss program. Most alcoholic beverages add weight, because it converts to sugar in your body. If you’re serious about loosing weight, you can have a glass of wine/beer/ or whiskey on a night out, not more.

Exercising Your Way to Health
Staying active is key in weight-loss. You cannot expect to loose all the weight on eating well alone. You need to burn fat through regular exercise and build muscles, to get the lean and strong build your body was designed for. It’s not just about looking good, it’s about feeling good too. The stronger you are, the more capable you are of dealing with life’s challenges.

Regular exercise means that you’ll need to get your heartbeat going by doing 20 minutes of cardio every day i.e. running, cycling, skipping rope, swimming, walking up stairs or going for a brisk walk. This will kick start your metabolism and trick your body into burning fat.

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Besides cardio, you should also focus your workout on building muscles. Building muscles helps your body do the following:

1. Burn calories (by maintaining muscles instead of maintaining fat)
2. Increases your metabolism ( to burn more FAT)

Exercises to build muscles include: Lifting weights, push ups, sit ups, squats – ask your personal trainer to help you. Don’t have a personal trainer? contact: (Namibians only, sorry 😉


Emotional & Mental Health Check

Emotional eating is the surest way to never see any results during your weight-loss regime. You need to be emotionally ready to make a lifestyle change, in order to eat right, be committed to training every day and achieving your fitness goals. Changing your lifestyle is hard, but the results are worth it. Silence the critic in your head and mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for a rough ride. To begin is always the hardest. Persevere, the devotion pays off.

Outfit Namibia- fitness motivationWhen will you see results?

It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body is changing, 8 weeks for your friends to notice & 12 weeks for the world to notice.Give yourself 12 weeks to change your body, mood, health & your lifestyle!


T.E.A.M = Together everyone achieves more.

T.E.A.M = Together everyone achieves more. Read about the benefits of team building, why you need it and how it will improve your business and relationships:

What is Team Building?

Team Building is a variety of activities, presented to businesses, schools, sports teams, religious or nonprofit organizations designed for improving team performance, improving communication & interpersonal relationships.

Do I need Team Building?

To identify if you need team building in your business/at work, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are there conflicts between certain people that are creating divisions within your team?
  • Do team members need to get to know one another?
  • Do some members focus on their own success, and harm the group as a result?
  • Does poor communication slow the group’s progress?
  • Do people need to learn how to work together, instead of individually?
  • Are some members resistant to change, and does this affect the group’s ability to move forward?
  • Do members of the group need a boost to their morale?
  • Do I feel isolated or misunderstood from any member of my organization?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then team building is for you!

Benefits of Team Building

  • Improves Communication & Problem Solving Skills
  • Boosts Morale
  • Improves Productivity
  • Identifies Strengths & Weaknesses 
The 4 Pillars of Team Building

  1. Communication 
  2. Problem Solving / Decision Making
  3. Adaptability & Planning
  4. Trust Building

Teams cannot efficiently work together without communication. Improving communication allows teams to make complex decisions together and therefore resolve problems faster.

Teams are also built on mutual respect which enforces trust. This trust is vital in maintaining successful relationships, as without it, companies/partnerships are unable to adapt to changes in their environment and to plan for the future.

Outfit Namibia’s Team Building

Outfit Namibia has developed team building activities that involve communication, problem solving, as well as trust building and planning skills. Our team building is hosted outdoors in nature. By activating the mind and body, our team building ensures that team members are engaged with all their senses. By ensuring fun and challenging activities (as well as the occasional water balloon), we ensure that team building doesn’t become tedious and boring. An engaged and stimulated team, is after all the goal for our team building.

So what next?

Contact us at and let’s chat about your team building needs!

Team Building options range from Cycling & Hiking Trails, Bush Retreats, Water Sports, Obstacle Course Challenges and Communication Games – the world’s your oyster, we have it all!