Team Building with Outfit Namibia



Team Building is the most effective way to build team spirit, interpersonal relationships and skills to manage

conflict, communication, trust and respect within a team environment.

Outfit Namibia’s team building focus is on achieving outcomes based on the your specific needs.

We specialize in problem solving and activity based team building.

Our team building is held all over the country, based on your venue of choice.

Whether you’re a small private business or a corporate multinational,

we can deliver a team building package best suited to your organizational requirements.

Our rates are affordable and competitive, ensuring that we can provide a package

that is personalized and specific – meeting budget demands.

Flexibility is key and we change our team building activities regularly to create a unique team building experience for

repeat clients, which we’ve been fortunate to have since we started our business in 2012.

We are a motivated, passionate and driven business and create this environment

with every team that we encounter at Outfit Namibia!

To book our services, send us a mail at


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