Outfit Namibia: Purpose, Vision, Mission

cropped-outfit-namibia1.pngWhat is your purpose? Do you have a vision of where you want to be? Is there a mission you could dedicate your life to? And what values guide you through this journey? These are the questions every organization should ask themselves. We did. Here is our answer:


To be the leading health & outdoor fitness brand by offering services and products which bring about happiness and health to people in Africa.


To create health & wellness for anyone, anywhere, anytime

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide health & outdoor fitness products and services to Africans and in future, globally, which are personal, natural and meet the lifestyle demands of our time.

Core Values

We believe our greatest wealth is health. Our values are that of strength, integrity, innovation and personal attention. We strive to create services/products that are valuable, of the highest quality and positively change people’s lives. We love to inspire & motivate the future generation.

Now go and define yours!

Outfit Namibia


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