Outfit Namibia

Welcome to Namibia’s Health & Fitness Brand

At Outfit Namibia, we do functional fitness training outdoors and health coaching consultations and events that bring about health & wellbeing to you and your company.

Outfit Namibia – Our Brand

Outfit Namibia is a privately owned, proudly Namibian company since August 2012. Our company is owned and managed by Rowan Carstens & Dunja Berger.

Rowan is a functional training specialist,landscaper, personal trainer, former world karate athlete and sports massage therapist. (i.e. he’s got many passions & interests) . He’s been training in martial arts his whole life and has a passion for movement & improving physical endurance & strength!

Dunja is a certified Integrative Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (New York), with a bachelors degree in organizational psychology & HR management (B. Soc.Sc) from the University of Cape Town. With a passion for brand building and healthy living, she coaches working professionals to live their personal blueprint for success.


Our passion for an outdoor lifestyle, health & fitness, is the foundation of our company and we aim to be the leading outdoor, health & fitness brand in Namibia and soon, …internationally.

We love educating people on living healthy, fit and making better lifestyle choices for the individual, the community and the environment. Our approach is innovative and we motivate our growing support network to be the change they want to see in the world!


Follow us on our social media pages & get updates on living a healthy lifestyle, on upcoming events, our day to day activities & revel in the Namibian outdoor lifestyle!


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