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Diary of an Athlete: Stuck in a Concrete Jungle

Outfit Namibia -Diary of an Athlete
Outfit Namibia -Diary of an Athlete

The constant murmur of city life that never ending dull sound that engulfs my eardrums. Sometimes I wish I could make it all stop!

It’s been a few weeks since I last managed my way to that trail run just up the road. My dogs stare at my barefoot shoes with yearning eyes…my house keys exciting them as I leave to work, reminding them of that freedom.

I feel my heart pump as I daydream of that burn in my legs as my feet carry me to the top of the mountain. There’s just no time today. I’m stuck. Stuck in a concrete jungle with no fruit, no trees. The only green I see is the few trees and grass patches we’ve selected to keep. Ruminant of how we used to value nature.

I’m stuck, continuing my life, waking every day wanting to have just one hour to escape the constant drone of car tires on tar. It’s right there just up the road. I’ll go tomorrow.

Saddest of it all, I’m lying to myself. I’m stuck in a concrete jungle, fueling my own frustration.

But today is my day! Today I woke up 30 minutes earlier, yet I wasn’t in the mood to run just yet, so I hit work early.

Having finished work early, I have time. Laces tied, leashes ready. Then a phone call…work! I’m stuck in a concrete jungle, but I know the way out. It’s my time now, my time with my dogs, time for my soul. I love to escape this concrete jungle.

by Rowan Carstens

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