Corporate Clients

  1. MTC
  2. EBH Namibia
  3. First National Bank
  4. Expo Africa
  5. SAB Miller
  6. KPMG
  7. Ministry of Mines & Energy, Namibia
  8. Craton Mining & Exploration
  9. Namib Truck Centre
  10. Roman Catholic Hospital
  11. De Beers Marine Namibia
  12. Provantage Namibia / Nampower
  13. Adventure Travel World Summit 2013
  14. Tauben Glen & Hochland Park Pharmacy
  15. Joe’s Beerhouse
  16. National Council for Higher Education
  17. Eros Resource School
  18. Telepassport
  19. University of Namibia
  20. Fresh ‘n Wild At Utopia
  21. SGA Chartered Accountants & Auditors
  22. Windhoek International School
  23. Windhoek Go-Karting Entertainment
  24. Old Apostolic Church of Africa
  25. Feedmaster
  26. Namwater
  27. Namibia Press Agency
  28. St Paul’s College
  29. Olthaver & List
  30. Namcol
  31. Oshakati Premier Electric
  32. Agribank
  33. Air Namibia



Charmaine Kruger (Team Building)

We at Feedmaster would like to thank you for the great, amazingly,  fun filled day we all had! Everybody is full of scars and bruises that just shows you how much we enjoyed it.

October, 2014

Elizma (Expo Africa Team Building)

What an absolutely amazing experience!!!!! Your creative ideas and energy got us all motivated and excited about the road ahead, and is just the kind of innovative thinking we needed. Your willingness to go above and beyond is well-known to all of us and we wish you the very best of luck with your future endeavours, and we will definitely make use of your services in the future.

September, 2014

Suzette Janse Van Vuuren (Outfit Studio)

“I am really enjoying the fitness classes and am so glad that I joined!”

May, 2014

Nicolas Broodryk (Outfit Studio)

“Next Level Fitness Programme!”

March, 2014

Manfred Janik (UNAM Team Building)

“Dear Rowan and Dunja, thanks a million. We definitely had an absolutely wonderful time with you people. I again established a few muscles in my body that I didn’t know are existing…they are paining though!! Wonderful work that you do. The department really enjoyed every minute.”

September 27, 2013

Anneley Willemse (NCHE Team Building)

“Bravo to Outfit Namibia who presented us with such a fun-filled programme…!!!”

September 13, 2013

Nangula Limpumbu (National Council for Higher Education Team Building)

“You guys made our time memorable. We had fun:-). Thumbs up to Outfit Namibia…it is surely commendable.”

September 12, 2013

A. Reisenauer (Parent – Teen Adventure Camps)

“Vielen Dank – die Kids waren begeistert. Euer Teambuilding war super.”

September 2, 2013

Lizane Van Zyl ( Telepassport Team Building)

“Thank you so much for a great team building weekend. We had great fun and thank you for being so involved with the team, motivating, cheering on and taking part in events. The team is still talking about the weekend:)”

August 5, 2013

Natasha Martin (Adventure Tourism World Summit)

“Hats off to you guys for getting it right the first time!”

February 10, 2013

Leandre Lallie-Duro Meintjies (Hochland Park Pharmacy Team Building)

“Thanks Outfit Namibia. . We had lots and lots of fun. was epic:)”

January 15, 2013

Karin Oestlund (Namib Truck Centre Team Building)

“Exhausted, tired, legs as heavy as lead, a little sun burned, with mud all over (and in the ear) …. what an exciting Team Building Day on Heja! Thank you very much for this well-planned and fun filled day! Everybody enjoyed Saturday tremendously. We laughed our hearts out, ran out of air, slipped in the mud, swam in dirty dam water, climbed the net, pulled the rope and on top of all had a big, delicious lunch….. You guys were great – Namib Truck Centre will be back!!!”

October 24, 2012 

Gundi Meyer (Tauben Glen Pharmacy Team Building)

“Wir danken Euch, Ihr habt das so schoen angeboten. Es kann ja nur Spass machen. Die waren lecker KO im Bus . Aber alle haben es sooo genossen.”

11 December 2012


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