Teen Adventure Camps

Outfit Namibia is hosting Kids Adventure Camps at Heja Game Lodge & Midgard Country Estate in 2013!

It’s seldom that kids are exposed to the outdoors anymore, with technology like iphones, ipads, constant internet access & game consoles taking center stage.

This disconnect is evident in how kids respond to being in nature, in natural sunlight with little or no access to technology. Away from the pressures of daily life and the information overload that these kids are exposed to, kids have a unique opportunity in Namibia to connect to the important things in life at their age.

Outfit Kids is a program that will stimulate kids natural ability to think on their feet, expand their knowledge on their natural habitat, it promotes life skills to cope with the pressures of being a kid in today’s world and instills a passion for leading a healthy & balanced lifestyle.

The camps are designed to bring kids back to basics, to enjoy themselves, to learn how to respect others and to seek to understand themselves better. What more can a parent ask for in an adventure camp!

We also offer Outfit Kids Classes at our studio in Klein Windhoek during the week, after school. We teach kids the value of being fit and healthy with functional training outdoors. Kids classes are suitable for kids ages +6 years old.

For more info on the adventure camps or the kids classes, contact: outfitnamibia@gmail.com

Check out our Upcoming Kids & Teen Adventure Camps below!

Teen Adventure Camp with Outfit Namibia
Teen Adventure Camp with Outfit Namibia


Kids Adventure Day Camps at Heja Game Lodge

Teen Adventure Camp at Midgard Country Estate


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