Health Coach: Do you need one?

Dunja Berger Health Coaching Certificate

Outfit Health is a health & lifestyle coaching program provided by us at Outfit Namibia since June 2014. Dunja Berger, Managing Partner of Outfit Namibia, has a health coaching qualification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York. (IIN), where she studied integrative nutrition theories,coaching practices and has been exposed to all major dietary theories worldwide.

There is no “one size fits all” solution to eating. As IIN puts it, “one man’s food, is another man’s poison” and so it is for life. What works for you, might not work for your parents, your boyfriend/girlfriend or next door neighbor. We’re individuals, with complex bodies and varying nutritional needs. We can’t all follow the same diet, although diet authors beg to differ. So rather than following the latest fad in dieting, its best to go with what’s right for you and your body!

As health coaching is still relatively new in Africa, here is some more info relating to it’s definition, purpose and relevance to you:

What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach specializes in empowering people to take responsibility for their own health and supports them to implement & sustain lifestyle and behavioural changes  that will contribute to the achievement of their personal wellness goals! (IIN, 2013)

Who Can Benefit from Health Coaching

Food Addicts

– The Emotional Eater : You know you’re not hungry, but food fills a void you’re only too happy to fill!

– The Addict : Sugary Treats/ Fast Foods /Toxic People – you know they’re bad for you, but you just can’t help yourself!

– The Adrenaline Junkie:  Addicted to the high that caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, prescription drugs or chocolate gives you?

– The Workaholic: To dedicated to your work for home-cooked meals & meditation and to busy to care…

– The Weight Watcher: You count your calories, you eat non-fat foods and you’re nowhere near your ideal body weight!

– The Victim: Everyone’s responsible for your life’s happiness or lack thereof, except you…

The truth is, we all love to indulge in unhealthy  foods & toxic relationships. We all love to use food to celebrate the highs and lows of life. We often grab convenience foods instead of preparing home-cooked meals for our families. And everyone has been on a diet to loose weight or gain control of bad eating habits, at one point in their lives. Only to realize that the weight isn’t disappearing and neither are the emotions that made one gain weight to begin with!

The truth is, we use food and bad lifestyle habits to avoid facing the emotions our thoughts are creating based on what we are experiencing in our reality. We choose to create these drama’s for ourselves, because it lets us avoid taking charge of what’s really bothering us. Sound familiar? You’re not alone, that’s why a health coach can help!

How is coaching different from seeing a psychologist/dietician?

A clear difference between psychotherapy and coaching is therapy focuses on a problem while coaching focuses on the solution, driven by the client’s inner strength and wisdom.(Wikipedia,2014)

A health coach doesn’t replace the role of a dietician, but has various differences in its approach. Health coaching fills the role of the mentor, is client driven, and doesn’t diagnose or treat, but rather assesses the overall wellbeing, incorporating factors like relationships, career, physical exercise, spiritual practice, education, finances etc in addition to the client’s health.

What a Health Coach Doesn’t Do

A Health Coach does not replace any medical practitioner, but acts as a missing link – the patient guide- that helps develop strategies to enact real, lasting lifestyle changes that address not only the diagnostic label (i.e. pre-diabetic ; obese), but also serve to enhance the person’s overall wellbeing. (IIN, 2013)

A Health Coach does not diagnose, treat, or take responsibility for bringing about wellness in a person’s life, but rather guides and supports the development & progress towards each person’s health & lifestyle  goals.

How Health Coaching Can Benefit You!

  • Health Coaching can identify why  your body is in discomfort & pain
  • It can detect food sensitivities and allergies, you didn’t know you had
  • It can help you take charge of your food cravings & figure out what they really mean
  • Health Coaching helps you to quit bad lifestyle habits that harm your health & happiness
  • A health coach motivates you to loose weight & teaches you how to keep it off for good
  • A health coach finds a diet/ eating plan best suited to your individual body & lifestyle needs
  • It focuses not only on eating habits, but also on how your relationships, career, spirituality,home environment, finances, joy, social life, creativity, health and physical activity influences your lifestyle choices!

More importantly, a health coach is your mentor, confidante and right hand in whatever health & lifestyle goals you wish to achieve and haven’t had the courage, strength or motivation to achieve on your own!

What are you waiting for?

Book your FREE HEALTH HISTORY consultation today and find out how health coaching can benefit you!



Team Building with Outfit Namibia



Team Building is the most effective way to build team spirit, interpersonal relationships and skills to manage

conflict, communication, trust and respect within a team environment.

Outfit Namibia’s team building focus is on achieving outcomes based on the your specific needs.

We specialize in problem solving and activity based team building.

Our team building is held all over the country, based on your venue of choice.

Whether you’re a small private business or a corporate multinational,

we can deliver a team building package best suited to your organizational requirements.

Our rates are affordable and competitive, ensuring that we can provide a package

that is personalized and specific – meeting budget demands.

Flexibility is key and we change our team building activities regularly to create a unique team building experience for

repeat clients, which we’ve been fortunate to have since we started our business in 2012.

We are a motivated, passionate and driven business and create this environment

with every team that we encounter at Outfit Namibia!

To book our services, send us a mail at

Superfood Smoothie: Raw Chocolate Peanut Butter

Raw Chocolate-peanut-butter-smoothie

Raw Chocolate Peanut Butter Superfood Smoothie

We believe the best way to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle,

is to make food as delicious, nutritious & simple as possible.

Try out this delicious smoothie recipe & incorporate as many Superfoods as possible for that added Health Boost!

Our Simple Recipe

500 ml rice milk

(or cow’s milk if you can digest dairy)

2x Tbs Sesame Seeds

2x Tbs Chia Seeds

3x Tbs Raw Cacao Nibs/Powder

2x Tbs Peanut Butter

2x Tbs Maca Powder

Honey to sweeten

It’s the most delicious way to get highly nutritious foods into your body!

So enjoy our simple recipe and get your hands on some Superfoods today.

For more info on Superfoods , please contact


Summer Camp for Teens in Namibia

Outfit Namibia held its second Teen Adventure Camp at Midgard Country Estate from the 9th – 13th December 2013! Teens from all over Namibia met up at the newly revamped train station, the base camp for the Teen Adventure Camp. Ten teenage boys and two adventurous girls joined the Outfit Namibia team for a week of adventure in the untouched nature reserve & the magnificent private estate of Midgard Country Estate!

Teen Adventure Camp with Outfit Namibia Teen Adventure Camp with Outfit Namibia Teen Adventure Camp with Outfit Namibia

The teens were put to task, as they endured rigorous outdoor fitness training, coupled with adventurous & fun activities like hiking, bush orienteering, rock climbing, abseiling, swimming, volleyball, bowling, outdoor chess, action Frisbee & camping in the wild outdoors!

No time was spared, as teens were also responsible for cooking their meals on an open fire, cleaning the communal facilities and building a shelter to keep safe and warm during the cold starry nights in the reserve.

IMG_2709 IMG_2806 IMG_2814 IMG_2822 IMG_2826

For some the experience was about pure survival, whilst others were in their element – enjoying the outdoor lifestyle!After five days and four nights, the teens returned to the families, relieved, exhausted, but in awe of the adventure they’ve experienced!


Kids Fitness Classes with Outfit Namibia

Kids Fitness Classes are held daily from Mondays to Fridays 3 – 4pm with Outfit Namibia at Outfit Studio in Klein Windhoek!

Our training consists of functional training, body-weight & core fitness training, self defense & outdoor fitness activities!

Fitness classes are open to kids aged 10+ and open to both males & females.

For more info, email

Namibia: The Best Outdoor Fitness & Adventure Travel Destination!

Outfit Namibia
Namibia, a land of vast natural beauty, magnificent wildlife & the mecca of Adventure Travel! Outfit Namibia is proud to be located in a country that is a vast as it is beautiful. A land that is peaceful, unpolluted & has the second lowest population density in the world! You can loose yourself in this desert country, leave your troubles behind & reconnect to your soul! Namibia is the playground of adventure seekers & fitness enthusiasts & here is why…
Fun & Interesting Facts of Namibia:
1.  Location: Southwestern Coast of Africa
2. Area Size:  824,292 sq km
3. Population Size:  2.2 Million (yes, it’s that low!)
4. Languages:  English, German, Afrikaans, Bantu, Khoisan & Namlish (our own mix of English, German & Afrikaans;)
5. Currency: Nam Dollar (N$) or South African Rand (ZAR)
6. Sunshine: Average of 300 Days a Year!!!
7. Rain: Only in Summer (if we’re lucky!)
8. Capital: Windhoek (Africa’s Cleanest Capital City! & Outfit Namibia’s Base)
9. Literacy: One of the Highest in Africa!
10. Wildlife: We have “The Big 5” , The Largest Seal Reserve in the World & Our Elephants Roam Free!
11. Conservation: Namibia protects its habitat & natural resources in its constitution
12.  Nicknames: Namibia – Land of the Brave & Nam
13. Cuisine: Namibia is a haven for meat & fresh fish lovers! Our meat is exported to SA, UK & Norway etc.
14. Religion: 90% of the country is christian (yes, really)
15. People: Warm, Friendly & Multilingual People- Love Tourists!
Adventure Activities you’ll love in Namibia
1. Hiking
2. Cycling
3. 4 x4
4. Caving
5. Horseback Riding
6. Climbing
7. Photography
8. Stargazing
9. Camping
10. Quadbiking
11. Dune & Sandboarding
12. Flying & Gliding
13. Skydiving
14. Ballooning
15. Paragliding
16. Catamaran
17. Dolphin Cruising
18. Canoeing, Kayaking & Rafting
19. Diving
20. Windsurfing
21. Kitesurfing
To book any of these experiences, please check out the Namibia Tourism Site or get special deals on StayToday Namibia!
If you’re coming as a delegate to the Adventure Travel World Summit 2013 in Namibia, check out our link here!
Outdoor & Indoor Fitness
1. Outdoor Obstacle Course by Outfit Namibia at Heja Game Lodge, 15min outside of Windhoek
2. Outdoor Fitness Camp at Okonjima, North of Namibia
With so many reasons to visit Namibia, isn’t it time you came? You’re missing out 😉

Outfit Namibia in Pako Magazine

Outfit Namibbia in Pako Magazine

Get the latest edition of Pako Magazine May 2013 & read Outfit Namibia’s feature on Kids Camps & Kids Classes in Namibia!

Pako educates kids on nature and animal awareness. A fantastic initiative that we support! Buy it now at the SPCA, Sardinia restaurant, the Cancer Association & selected stores in Windhoek.

You can also support Pako’s Facebook page here

Adventure Travel World Summit 2013

ATWS 2013 Logo

Outfit Namibia was selected as one of the field based adventures for the Adventure Travel World Summit Namibia 2013!

We’re thrilled to be part of ATWS and cannot wait to represent Namibia on an international platform!

Our adventure for international travelers includes game drives, outdoor fitness training, an obstacle course challenge, nature awareness activities, bush hikes and a few hidden surprises 😉

Travelers will be accommodated in a private camp in the bush, surrounded by wildlife.

Picture camp fires, hearty Namibian dishes and fun filled adventure for the whole family!

We’re excited to welcome ATWS delegates, join us for the most unforgettable experience in the oldest                                         desert in the world!

Need more info?