Personal Training


MUST WATCH: Watch our Outfit Trailer here “The Outfit Guy”

Benefits of training with a personal trainer:

  1. Access to a trained athlete with extensive fitness & body knowledge
  2. An expert keeping you accountable to your fitness goals
  3. Develop muscle definition & core strength
  4. Reduce the risk of injury (through incorrect posture)
  5. Personalized fitness plans for you
  6. Health & Lifestyle advice adapted for Namibians
  7. Train at your own pace, not according to an app
  8. No wasted time = maximum results (you can pause an app, but you can’t pause us)
  9. Help you form great & healthy habits – no fad diets, no artificial supplements
  10.  Long term results, not just another fitness craze

Outfit Namibia is not just another personal training service, it’s a lifestyle for people who are serious about becoming healthy & fit, the natural way.

To discuss your individual fitness needs, email or complete the form below.



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