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Outfit Namibia is an outcomes based team building specialist in Namibia since August 2012. From small intimate team building events for start ups to corporate team building solutions for high profile businesses. Outfit Namibia’s specialized programs are developed to provide you with expertise and outcomes based solutions that suit your needs.

We work with any venue of your choice within Namibia. Whilst we have  relationships with various venues, we prefer you work with a venue best suited to your needs.

Your Program
Based on your company’s needs & desires, we will create a program best suited to you.

Simply send us:
* Date of Event
* Venue within Namibia
* Amount of People
* Expectations of Event & Activity Preferences

Problem Solving Challenges
These challenges  will test problem solving skills, time management, teamwork & creative solutions to complex problems.

Blindfolded Challenges
Blindfolded challenges are an incredible means to get teams to work together! Only with active listening, clear communication and trust can these be solved.

Creative Challenges
Involve your team in a creative challenge to encourage lateral thinking in facing company disputes, communication blocks and interpersonal conflict.

Personality Tests
Learn about the different personality types and how they affect interpersonal relationships within the company. Our DISC personality test is an introduction into discovering your true personality style.

Active Challenges
If you love being active outdoors, our outdoor activities are the perfect addition to any company fun day! Build on your teamwork and communication skills with team sports like Volleyball or Soccer, or race against time in our Amazing Outfit Race across town ,whilst solving riddles & building on your interpersonal relationships!

Survival Camp
A two day survival camp involving  orienteering, fire & shelter building, stalking animals and survival tactics for the Namibian landscape. Survive with only the bare essentials, communal cooking on the fire and sleeping under the stars. This survival camp is suitable for small groups only.

Wellness Coaching for Businesses
Your health & wellbeing is the focal point of these workshops or retreats designed to boost wellbeing, vitality and happiness  & corporate wellness to curb absenteeism, low productivity & stress!

• How to combat Stress & Fatigue
• The Art of Meditation & Self Awareness
• Healthy Lifestyle & Fitness Coaching
• Positivity & Gratitude

All health & wellness workshops will be coupled with healthy food & drinks to complement the workshops/retreat.

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