An interview with The Outfit Guy


At Outfit we like to share the stories of our health & fitness community. As our first Q&A we decided to delve into the mind of our very own “Outfit Guy” Rowan Carstens:

Rowan, so why did you call your brand Outfit Namibia?

OUT stands for Outdoor, FIT stands for Fitness – Outdoor Fitness! Because our training is outdoors and with 300 days of sunshine a year in Namibia, we felt our name was perfectly suited to our location & what we offer!

You’re a functional fitness trainer, what made you become one?

It comes from the heart and when it comes from the heart, it comes from a space of purity. I’ve always loved being active. Staying fit and healthy and functional fitness appealed to me, as it was a form of exercise that builds overall strength & muscle for you to be at your best physically. It’s also a form of exercise that is suited to everyone, regardless of  any fitness level. I became a functional fitness trainer, because it is ultimately what I believe in and a lifestyle I embody in my personal life.

What makes Outfit different to other training styles in Namibia?

Outfit is  pure functional fitness training in the great outdoors! No frills, no fuss. We use minimal equipment for group training. Other than a tyre, rope or straps, we use the individuals’ body weight to strengthen the core and build muscle. Our gym is situated in a quiet neighbourhood and all our training happens outside in a garden or on the street. Outfit is more than just a gym, it’s a movement and a lifestyle and we love the community we’ve built as a result!

Apps vs. Going to a Gym- Your Thoughts?

Not everybody wants to go to a gym and some want to train in their own time, on their own terms. I love that, especially because it gets people off the couch and pushes them to be active! We see our clients using apps to monitor their heart rate, count steps they’ve taken or count how many calories they’ve burnt. Wearable tech is on the rise and we think it’s a technology that will be part of the fitness experience from now on.

Being healthier is a trend worldwide… What do you consider healthy?

I consider being healthy a lifestyle and I don’t follow a specific diet. The 80/20 principle is what I prescribe to – 80% of the time you eat natural foods, grown from the earth prepared in the healthiest way possible – raw, steamed or grilled. For the remaining 20% I indulge in whatever I want. Life’s about balance and being restrictive in any way leads to cravings, bad habits and self destructive behavior like bingeing or starvation.

I enjoy Superfoods like Chia Seeds, Maca Powder or Hemp Seeds in my Smoothies. But these are not really considered supplements, but nutrient dense foods that give you a boost! I used to take supplements, but I found the results I obtained from eating healthy and training hard superior to just supplementing with protein shakes and pills.

The more natural your lifestyle, the easier and better your life becomes! Cutting out junk food, sugar and processed foods that are toxic to your body and affect your brain’s health are life hacks I can recommend to anyone seeking to become healthier.


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